Chick History is inspired by the belief that every great story has NOT already been told. I created Chick History to find new and interesting ways to tell the stories of women's roles and contributions to history; always overlooked, often watered-down, and sometimes all-together edited out. At Chick History, we will debunk famous myths, explore new biographies, and learn about the amazing contributions by women to history.

I have a MA in Museum Studies and I’ve been working in the museum and history field for over ten years, in historic homes, museums, and national associations. The telling of history is a challenging one. Whose story do you tell? Whose lens do you use to view history? For so long, history has focused on individual accomplishments – Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, Galileo was the “father” of modern astronomy, Oliver Cromwell “overthrew” the British monarchy, and so on and so forth.

The challenge of women's history is the challenge of moving away from the "Great Men" method of telling stories through unique biographies and moving into a more holistic vision of social history. It’s about the contributions of individuals who did remarkable things but weren't in a position where they could distinguish themselves individually - because of societal biases of the time and of early historians.

The more I study Women’s History, the more fascinating history as a discipline becomes. I will try and do it justice, and I hope you enjoy, learn, and have fun along the way.

-Rebecca Price
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